How Your Rent is Determined

In order to be eligible for rent assistance through HUD, your income must be below the low income limits set by HUD for the Cambria County area and you must be one of the following:

  • The head of household, the spouse, or the sole member who is 62 years of age or older, or
  • A person with disabilities.

A preference may be given to applicants whose income is below the “extremely low income” limits set by HUD.



The rent a family will pay is the highest of the following amounts:

  •  30% of the family’s monthly “adjusted” income (deductions for medical expenses are made from the family’s gross income if those expenses exceed 3% of income.)
  • 10% of the family’s monthly income


  •  $25.00 Minimum Rent


Rent includes water, sewage, and trash. The apartments are total electric and an allowance for the electric is deducted from the rent. The tenant then pays the electric based on their usage.